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Flat Top Apparel
A Veteran Owned Clothing Company

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Our Story

“We're Giving Back to Those That Had Ours.”

Flat Top Apparel is a veteran owned company that provides military and veteran apparel with the dark and gritty designs. They understand that not everyone in the military is a trigger-pulling 'Grunt' or 'Ranger', so why dress like one? 

As a vet-owned company, they understand the importance of giving back to those that once covered ours. Flat Top Apparel donates 25% of profits through FeedOurVets.org to help fight  food insecurity for US Veterans. They've already fought for their country, they should't have to fight against hunger.

A company born out of the 2020 Quarantine, Flat Top Apparel hopes it's one of the good things to come from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Joshua Fairbank

As a longtime graphic and web designer as a hobby, Joshua has decided to turn that hobby into something that helps others. As an active duty service-member of the US Air Force since 2013, Joshua has seen first-hand at how many Veterans are affected by food insecurity.
He decided to start Flat Top Apparel during the nationwide quarantine and to put some of his downtime into an effort of helping fellow Veterans. 

After the Air Force, Joshua wants to become a Cybersecurity Analyst and has recently finished his Master's Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. He believes the Air Force has given him the skillset to excel anywhere he lands and he looks forward to his next adventure.

Joshua Fairbank in Curacao for TDY
Founder image

Addison Fairbank
Marketing Director

A content and marketing guru, Addison is taking the reigns of marketing for Flat Top Apparel. A 5th grade math teacher by day, she enjoys roasting people on Facebook and Instagram by night. When she's not absolutely killing it in the social media scene, she enjoys crocheting and making dank memes.

She always plays the role of picking shirt colors, because Josh is straight trash at it.

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